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About Doll Games

Shelley Jackson is the author of the hypertext novel Patchwork Girl, and her work has appeared in numerous print and electronic journals, including Grand Street, Kenyon Review, Fence and Conjunctions. She has also written and illustrated two children's books. Her short story collection, The Melancholy Of Anatomy, was published by Anchor in January 2002.

Pamela Jackson is an independent scholar with a Ph.D. in Rhetoric from U. C. Berkeley. Portions of her doctoral dissertation, The World Philip K. Dick Made, can be found at her website. She is currently living in Brooklyn with Harvey.

Thanks to: Babette, Bruce, and Anthony Jackson who were part of it, however unwittingly; Caroline Janiak, Carol Hodge, and Wesley Stace for providing cameras and other kinds of encouragement; Rob Miotke and Michael Witmore for research assistance; Ray Ravaglia for the plane ticket; and everyone we interviewed, of course.

text and photography by S & P Jackson

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