the doll games
shelley and pamela jackson

As scholars and artists look closer to home for inspiration, and once-despised genres reveal wondrous molecular structures under the lenses of academe and art, the doll games remain the province of what we still fondly and dismissively refer to as "little girls." Little girls: a term fraught with judgements, some kindly meant, but all much to the detriment of real little girls, who must do their best to throw off the cloying shackles of ankle socks and hair ribbons, and hold some fastness against the numbing fog of cuteness in which their search parties disappear, and their violence, avidity and curiosity is extinguished. The doll games are that fastness. Under the noses of the uninitiated lies a secret laboratory, where inequity is redressed, stupidity violently derided, all desires gratified. Here the "little" girl is, frankly, huge.

The little girl must be defrocked. This project begins here.

... doll sex, doll mutilation, transgender dolls, prosthetic doll penises, doll death, doll dreams...