With this FREE TOY Ineradicable Stain celebrates Mary Tofts, who in 1726 fed a quantity of dead rabbits up her c**t* and then gave birth to them, achieving national fame. The surgeon of Westminster College testified in a pamphlet that he had felt the rabbits leaping in her womb, and witnessed the birth of two rabbits "or portions thereof." The official story was that she had been startled by a rabbit, and the experience gave her impressionable matrix a rabbity cast. The filthy-minded suggested she had had criminal conversation with a male rabbit she met in the woods. No, just quick hands, and a capacious c**t. Three cheers for Mary, "The Rabbit Breeder"!

All you need is:

  • a black Sharpie
  • a modicum of "moxie"
    ["vim" will do in a pinch.]
  • a good grasp on the numbers from one to 93, inclusive, and the ability to count them off in sequence, proceeding in an orderly fashion from one to 93 (or 93 to one for individualists)
  • a nice, big screen


NB: this toy is not for kids.

1. u
2. n
3. or maybe just hid them in her panties
4. u
5. n