Half Life
a novel published by
Houghton Mifflin

The Melancholy of Anatomy
stories published by Anchor Books


Mimi's Dada Catifesto The Old Woman
and the Wave
Sophia, the Alchemist's Dog


a work in progress, written in snow.

a mortal work of art

The Interstitial Library
a collaboration with artist Christine Hill

MuTT (Mutant Typology Test)


My Body
An autobiography, plus lies

Patchwork Girl

The Doll Games
a collaboration with Pamela Jackson


"Simon Says," Fence Magazine, forthcoming

"The Analphabetical Choir," Western Humanities Review, forthcoming

A Report on Certain Curious Objects, Believed to Be Words in an Unknown Language of the Dead, Conjunctions

"The Pearls That Were His Eyes," Conjunctions

"1005 Nights" (for Robert Coover), The Review of Contemporary Fiction

The Divorce, Dewclaw #3

"The Slow Book," The Official Catalog of the Library of Potential Literature

Crumb-Sweeper, Significant Objects

The Cat's Meow, Guernica

"Flat Daddy," Conjunctions

The President's Mouth, Brooklyn Rail

"Mars, Marred, Married," FENCE vol 11 #2

"Early Dispatches from the Land of the Dead," Conjunctions #51

"My Friend Goo," The Empty Page (Perennial)
and The Mississippi Review

King Cow, Conjunctions #50

"Consuetudinary of the Word Church," McSweeney's No. 31

"The Swan Brothers," My Mother She Killed Me, My Father He Ate Me (Penguin). There's one typo: "you'd" for "you." Can you find it?

"'n'," Wreckage of Reason, an Anthology of Contemporary XXperimental Prose by Women Writers (Spuytin Duyvil)

"Word Problem," Tin House

"Little Ponder," The Flash (Social Disease Press)

"Hook," The Apocalypse Reader (Thunder Mouth Press)

"From the Interstitial Library Workbook (Teacher’s Edition)," New And Used, Steidl, 2006

[hangman], Conjunctions #45

"Short-Term Memorial Park," Paraspheres

"Here is the Church," Black Clock #2 and #13

"The Marquis de Wonka," Sex and Chocolate

"Husband," The Paris Review

"Angel," Trampoline

Cancer, Fence #1 and A Best of Fence

Sleep, Boldtype

Dildo, WebConjunctions

Hair, The Iowa Review

Musée Mecànique, WebConjunctions

The Putti, Conjunctions #26

Wrestlemania, Black Ice

Hagfish, Worm, Kakapo, Conjunctions #22

Rebirth of Roy (with Matthew Derby), The Journal News

Front Page Stories


Mauve, Cabinet Magazine

Shelley Jackson Talks with Vito Acconci, The Believer

9/11 and the Numberless New Yorks, The Poetry Foundation

Moomins and Me, LA Weekly

Songs for Mouth-Listeners, Moistworks

The Original Death & Burial of Cock Robin, Conjunctions #46

Life in a Glass House, Village Voice and Gamers,  Soft Skull

But is it a Story? LA Times

Gross Anatomy, Bookforum

Musee Mecanique, The Iowa Journal of Cultural Studies

Stitch Bitch, Media in Transition, MIT


Written On (And Under) The Skin
Interview by Rosita Nunes, Tattoo Highway

Of Dolls and Monsters
Interview by Rita Raley, The Iowa Review

Shelley Jackson, Anatomist Extraordinaire
Interview by Gavin Grant, IndieBound

Written on the Body
Interview by Scott Rettberg, Iowa Review

Excerpt and interview
Interview with Megan Lynch, Bold Type

Stitch Bitch: The Hypertext Author As Cyborg-Femme Narrator
Interview with Mark Amerika, Telepolis

Women and Technology Roundtable